SHURA Press Release on Jakarta bombing

SHURA urges head of governments of ASEAN countries to convene another round of discussion on the need to find the root cause and resolving conflicts from an honest and genuine spirit of addressing human rights violations vis-a-vis the recent bombing in Jakarta .

SHURA condemns the bombing which is against the Islamic teachings of peace and justice. We cannot condone such act , as all struggles whether religious or liberation movements must always protect the safety of civilians.

It is of deep regret that civilians have been the victims of militant reaction and counter reactions in the series of violent attacks now seen as a respond to the many human rights violation inflicted by the western powers on the religious revivalism and freedom movements around the world.

However SHURA calls for all parties ; government , the media and civil societies not be trapped into a presumption of concluding that such act was executed by Muslim militants. Without concrete grounds , hailing accusation at Muslim groups is tantamount to parroting what the Western powers have always wanted to conclude , that is the quick conclusion that it is work of Muslim militants.

ASEAN leaders cannot jump into a knee jerk assumption that it is a Muslim militant movement that is behind the bloody incident. Far too often such a conclusion has always been the thinking of the US administration to justify their foreign policies on Muslim nations.

The incident must be viewed in totality with the many injustices inflicted on various Muslims groups and also on the freedom fighters globally . It must be analyse from the perspective of how normally it is linked to the US interest.

SHURA calls on all peace loving civil societies to express their concerns on the persistence of many state initiated human rights violation and to work in unison to resolve the on going struggles of the south Thailand , Mindano and the Rohingya.

We also call for quick repond meeting of civil socities and legislators to appeal for a peacefull resolutions to avoid any foreign military intervention that will always want to define the security measures taken in this region.

Abdul Ghani Samsuddin
Chairman SHURA


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