SHURA is perturbed by the inconsistency of Obama on his bid to resume peace talk between Palestine and Israel.

His skirting statement to move forward at the fringes of the UN General Assembly yesterday ( 22nd Septemeber 2009) does not at all reflect the most fundamental issue of the decade old conflict and that is the right of return and the Israel withdrawal from all occupied territories of Palestine.

Palestinians want negotiations to resolve the “final status” issues of the conflict, such as borders, Jerusalem and the right of return for Palestinian refugees. Where as Israel wants to begin with talks on a “provisional” Palestinian state.

We are very disturb by the fact that Obama has now ignored the call for Israel to freeze all Israel resettlement on Palestinian land. This would be the minimum condition if ever a re-negotiation would be viable.

We question Obama’s lame plead for both parties to comprise on an obvious fact that it was the Palestinian that has been the victims of Israel aggression. How could millions of displaced Palestinian and hundred of thousands of people killed by Israelis heavy attacks for the last 60 years , be compromised for peace?

From our point of view , President Obama’s decision to drop a demand for an Israeli settlement freeze only confirms the permanent US foreign policy of giving favour to Israel as against the plight and sufferings of the Palestinians.

What is there to move forward to , with millions of Palestinians under siege since the 1948 Nakbah day?

Obama’s request for Netanyahu and Abbas to show the flexibility and common sense and sense of compromise that is necessary to achieve the goals is basically a diplomatic ploy to prolong Israeli’s occupation.

SHURA sees no light emerging from Obama’s initiative but a mere continuation of repetitive decades of diplomatic game to establish and reaffirm Israel’s dominance in the region. Unless and until the fundamental issue is addressed, there can be not productive result from Obama’s peace re-negotiation.

It is the Palestinian people that bares the risk , not Netanyahu nor Abbas.

If identifying issues that becomes the impediment to negotiation is not addressed , then what basis is there for negotiation. It is as though telling the thief to stay on in the house and be allowed to still rampage the house, while the owner is requested to keep peace and take the risk!

SHURA only views that Abbas would betray the Palestinian if he submits to Obama’s softened language about “restraining” settlement activity. The settlement freeze should be the minimum condition for talks to resume.

The Isreal’s longstanding position that “nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to.” is indicative of what the Palestinians has to deal with. It is a case of winners take all policy of Israel that has been the factor contributing to the conflict all this while.

Abdul Ghani Samsudin
SHURA Chairman


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