MAPIM adopts emergency responce plan on Freedom Flotilla

The Freedom Flotilla is representing all peace and justice loving community of the world to make a major and historical attempt to break the deadliest siege by a nation backed by a powerful ally on a helpless population 1.5 million people of Gaza.

Suffice to acknowledge how the powerful US-Israel relationship  has become the most effective force to allow Israel to continue its blockade on Gaza with such impunity that has already put thousands of civilian at the mercy of Israel . The gravity of the blockade is undoubtedly dealy as it is bleeding Gaza by the day and the Security Council has done literally nothing to end the siege though it has without doubt violated all international laws passed by various international conventions.

Freedom Flotilla has every right to demand for a secured passage to the port of Gaza . Any forced action by the Israel military should not be tolerated and the international community and world governments should not be bystanders, less every party to the internationally agreed treaties and laws be held accountable to the systematic genocide of the  population of Gaza.

It is on this basis , MAPIM , the Malaysian Islamic NGO Consultation Council ,has decided that its presence be an important part of the mission , as it represent a coalition of 24 non political organizations in Malaysia , backed by no less than 500,000 members and supporters. It represents a cross section of the Malaysian population irrespective of politically inclination . MAPIM stands on its own principle for justice and peace.

All parties that have rendered help to facilitate the MAPIM representative to board the Freedom Flotilla is most appreciated and would be happy to build an effective  Malaysian-Free Gaza network  for future endeavours.

The Malaysian people has had a record of its full support not only in rhetoric but also in the form of a chain of direct actions to pressure the  international community to end the treachery of Israel on the Palestinian people.

Br Mustapa Mansur , the MAPIM representative ,  is now joining along with 750-800 politicians, human rights workers and political activists from 40 countries.Among them , who are making the voyage are Nobel laureate Mairead Maguire, Dublin TDs Chris Andrews and Aengus Ó Snodaigh and Senator Mark Daly from Kerry.

In addition to essential goods for the reconstruction and health sectors, the vessels are carrying children’s toys, clothing and chocolate, all of which are not on the list of 81 items allowed into Gaza by the Israeli authorities.

MAPIM has  taken on the task of galvanizing the people of Malaysia to unite in support of the Palestinian struggle and has formed its special secretariat office for Viva Palestine to sustain all efforts both at humanitarian level and also in  asserting political pressure.

MAPIM is hoping the success mission of Freedom Flotilla in the Free Gaza Movement will trigger the needed pressure on Israel to submit to the international demand to end the siege on Gaza and the restoration of the rights of the Palestinian

MAPIM has adopted some of the relevant EMERGENCY Response Plan extended by  the Free Gaza March to be immediately implemented as follows:

We are taking pro-active measures to stop Israel from launching any military attack or naval blockade on the flotilla. The following Emergency Response Plan adopted by MAPIM is in effect:

  1. Send  email and fax to the Malaysian elected officials to write to the  US President , calling him to prevent Israel from using US military aid against peaceful, unarmed citizens.
  2. Call on the Malaysian Parliamentarians to demand the UN to stop Israel from using military force on peaceful, unarmed internationals.
  3. Seek the Prime Minister of Malaysia to call on the UN and the Security Council to stop any attempt by the IDF to intervene the Freedom Flotilla.
  4. Send an email and fax to all Israeli embassies and consulates worldwide.
  5. Launched a petition signature drive by all Parliamentarians  demanding that Israel allow safe passage for the Flotilla.
  6. Send a letter to the editor of the Malaysian local and  international media  .
  7. Planning a demonstration in the event that Israel launches any military attack or naval blockade on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, our demonstration will be a powerful protest to demand that it be allowed to pass in peace!

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

Secretray General MAPIM


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