April 8th 2011 , 3.00 pm

Hj.Idris , Dr.Mohd Nur , Hj.Mohideen , Azmi

Hj. Idris
Views that currently the system stresses more on the rituals of ibadah. We need to recast the curriculum. We suggest that the first and second year of school , age of 6 and 7 years, a child should finish the Quran.

We should ask what is the purpose of education ? The 4 elements of education in Islam is not delivered effectively (even absent) in the current system : Ta’dib , Ta’lim , Tarbiyyah , Tazkiyyah as expounded by Al Attas. How can we focus on these elements and reform the Islamic education today. We need to purge secularism in ourselves . We need to conceptualize this idea and translate it into our system and in real education practice

Dr Mohd Nur
Has gathered a group of selected people amongst retired Education Ministry officers , policy makers , experienced Islamic education teachers.

Dr Mohd Nur has prepared a proposal on how to proceed with the preparation of a qualitative study on the present Islamic Education in the national schools concentrating only on the Islamic subject thought in present school system.

They are :

1. Dr. Muhammad NurManuty (Penyelaras)
2. Tuan Haji Ahmad Said (Mantan,Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Pendidikan Khas, KPM)
3. Tuan Haji Abbas Awang (Mantan,PengarahJabatanPendidikan WP)
4. ProfesordrTajulArifinNordin (Mantan, ProfesorFakultiPendidikan, UKM)
5. Profesor Dr Nik Aziz Nik Pa (Fakulti Pendidikan, Universiti Malaya)
6. Profesor Rosnani Hashim (InstitutPendidikan, UIAM)
7. Dato’Mohd Idris Jauzi (Mantan,PensyarahKanan, IAB &Timbalan KP, BTN)
8. Tuan Haji Baharom Bakar (Mantan, Kaunselor Kanan, UIAM)
9. Prof Omar Karim (UPSI)

Hj. Idris
We have to look into the initial idea of Islamic education in the country. What was intended to achieve. What are the present situation of Islamic Education , how it is been neglected , why there is low interest amongst students when going through Islamic education periods in the schooling schedule.

What we should strive is to make Islamic education a process of developing students in their thinking , emotions and inspiring them with the exemplary of the Prophet and shahabs and other great inspiring personalities in the Islamic history.

At the primary level , in the first and second year of schooling , emphasis should be given to the Quran reading and a little bit of hadith. Later appropriate inputs should be given as the child proceeds of age . By the 11th year , of a child’s study of Islamic education in the school , we should be able to shape each child as good Muslims.
This we should try within the system. We should try our best to target what is achievable.

Dr. Mohd Nur
There are interest amongst many groups on this issue. For example PAS tried to introduce new thoughts on Islamic education in their educational institutions (PASTI , Schools , …ect) However there are signs of reluctance amongst the traditional oriented teachers.

Hj Idris
We suggest that 1st and 2nd year should introduce the 4 T ( Ta’dib , Ta’lim , Tarbiyah , Tazkiyah).

Dr Mohd Nur
The main problem is the implementation. Even the text used , are clumpsy .

Hj Idris
What can we do to bring about changes. We should seek an audience with the PM and express our views that these changes that we are seeking, only concerns the Muslims , nothing to do with non Muslims.
1st we need to do a critique on the prevailing systems
– What we have achieved thus far
– What we have lost
2nd What we can do to bring about changes

Dr Mohd Nur :
We need to link up with some of the work done in South Africa. There seem to have good ideas on Islamic education in schools. Will give the contacts,

Hj Idris :
The present approach now is devoid of the 4T. What we should work towards are:
– To organize a special meeting with the selevted people
– To identify inspiring factors that make Islamic education an impactful bearing on each child.
– We could suggest how much and what are the new insputs we can give for re-developing the curriculum.
– Our idea is to develop an Islamic Education that is emotionally inspiring , intellectually confident and morally exemplary

Dr. Mohd Nur :
– We should get the Encyclopedia of the Seerah (malay translation available) by Afzalur Rahman.
– Suggest that a meeting with the 7 other selected people who will help in this project to be held in Penang on the 3rd May 2011

Hj Idris :
We should include what input we can suggest for Islamic History ( past and present) and also Islamic geography ( know other Muslims in other part of the world )
We need to look into Teacher Training also . We will try and seek information from the Institut Pendidikan Islam.

Actions to be taken:
1. Dr Mohd Nur to go through the text books of Primary Islamic Education. Azmi will try to get the Secondary text books for Dr Mohd Nur.
2. Dr Mohd Nur to give the names and contacts of the scholars from South Africa on Islamic Education.
3. Dr Mohd Nur to organize the workshop with the 7 people selected to discuss on the Islamic education project. Suggested on the 3rd May 2011
4. Azmi to get in touch with Institut Pendidikan Islam to find out the kind of training they give to teacher trainees on Islamic Education.
5. Dr Mohd Nur to arrange with Azmi in recruiting an assistant to help Dr Mohd Nur organize the gound work.

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