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May 6th 2011

Mr Barack Obama

The President of the United States of America


Mr  President


We the people of Malaysia condemn the  murder of Osama Bin Laden together with his wife , son and another unknown person in a unilateral US military operation ordered by you  to strike on the alleged house that  Osama is claimed to have  domiciled  in Attoddabad , Pakistan.

The operation was a disgusting act of cowardice on your part  to kill an unarmed person with heavy assault weapons by the US troops.

This is not only against international law but an act of aggression on a foreign land by a foreign force.

Would you allow such an operation to be done on US soil by any foreign forces?

Your government has no right to act in such a manner without authorized permission from the Pakistani  government. The US has once again portray that it can execute an extrajudicial killing without any , hindrance right before the eyes of the world. A  murderous operation proudly pronounced by you and your administration as a victory to the American people.

We are also outraged by the uncivilized and barbaric  way of your military troops disposing the deceased in the sea as this is clearly a humiliation to all Muslims. The US  force do not have any right to treat the body in such heinous manner  which is also an assault on the dignity  of all Muslims and Islam.

To the Malaysian ,  you and the US military force has martyred Osama  , who , your  administration has depicted as a strike on the heart of terrorism.

The truth is the U.S imperialism has been the root cause of Obama’s unwavering stance to the Western powers.

Your administration and your predecessor  know very well that Obama’s strike on the real cause of the Muslim’s humiliation has challenged the power of the US. This has been Osama’s adamant struggle  to resist and fight back against the real terrorist of the world and that is the US regime. This is the one most significant reason why  the US  explicitly marked Osama as the one most major treat to Western , particularly the American interest.

Osama hit  the right cord that has disrupted , nay , shattered the US agenda . He has singled out the major and focal point of dissent by many Muslims. This has hindered the smooth agenda of the imperialist powers to reign  on the Muslim world in particular.

The fact that the resources of many Muslim countries have been exploited by America through  despots and dictators who acted as its agents to safeguard its Western  geo-political interests , Osama has identified this as the core underlying factor that summarizes his struggle for the liberation of all Muslim land.

 He understood perfectly  how the US hast provided military and financial aid and diplomatic support to Zionist Israel, responsible for settler colonialism and apartheid in Palestine, ethnic-cleansing and serious violation of the human rights of Palestinians.

It is this list of US’s conduct of its foreign policies  , that had made what Osama is , until his last breath . He knows how to operate and meet  all odds and to build on the courage and confidence of Muslims to fight and resist. And above all he knows how to unveil the satanic Western propaganda , and to expose the devilish and oppressive Arab dictators and despots.   

For majority of the Muslims Osama Bin Laden died a martyr with a U.S imperialist bullet through his head. He has prepared himself to surrender  one more drop of blood in the cause of justice and freedom. He gave his wealth and life for the liberation of the oppressed people. His martyrdom will be an inspiration to millions of victims of U.S imperialism throughout the world. 

Because of Osama’s struggle to resist  Muslims all over the world , particularly the youths, began to understand the violent and brutal nature of the Western government particularly the US. They saw the hypocrisy of the West in preaching democracy and human rights to Muslims while launching illegal wars on sovereign Muslim countries, violating their human rights – Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Rendition- and launching sacrilegious attacks on the Prophet and the Qur’an. They were horrified by the West shielding Israel from being made accountable for its apartheid, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Palestine. 

Your government has spent billions to execute the US agenda and this  has resulted in the hemorrhaging of the U.S economy.  We understand your popularity  has taken a dip and by continuing and succeeding in murdering an unarmed Osama , you gain for another round of preparing for your second Presidential term in office.

What some Muslim leaders echoed the words of their masters in Washington saying that ‘the world would be a more peaceful, safer and just place now that the world’s most wanted terrorist was dead” does not reflect the sentiments of the people of Malaysia.

 We  question who is the terrorist?

We only need to answer this by  just comparing what Osama did to resist imperialist domination of Muslim countries with the atrocities committed by the  US in Iraq , Afghanistan , Pakistan and Palestine through Israel . 

Have we to remind you in the 1990s the US orchestrated the UN sanctions against Iraq which led to the death of half a million children, more than the children who died in Hiroshima. When asked by an interviewer whether the price was worth it, the Secretary of State Madeleine Albright replied: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.”

It is only clear to conclude that all of what the US aggression has done is far more inhuman, disastrous and against all code of international law compared to what Osama has been alleged to have done.

The list of heinous act your government has executed is sufficient to qualify  US  as the most wanted list in the state terrorist category .    

In 2003 the US launched its illegal war on Iraq which devastated the country and reduced what was once the most developed Arab country into a bread basket case. In Afghanistan, U.S troops have been routinely killing civilians. In December 2009, American troops dragged eight innocent children from their beds and shot them dead. The children were aged 11 to 17, six of them at high school and two at primary school. In February 2010, 23 male civilians were killed and 12 women and children wounded in a helicopter attack by U.S Army Special Forces. In July 2008, an American plane took out an Afghan bridal party of 70-90 persons of mostly women on their way to meet the groom. The bride and 27 other members of the party including children were killed. In August 2008, a memorial service for a tribal leader was hit by repeated U.S air strikes that killed at least 90 civilians, including 15 women and up to 60 children. Among the dead were 76 members of one extended family.  

In Pakistan civilians including women and children have become the main victims of drone attacks operated by U.S military personnel from the United States like playing a Nintendo game. Of the 44 drone strikes carried out in 2009 only five were able to hit their actual targets but at the cost of 700 innocent civilian lives.   The use of drones violates the war-fighting principles of distinction, necessity, proportionality, humanity. Philip Girald, a former CIA officer states: “Drones are currently killing people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. …the United States is not at war with any of these countries, which should mean in a sane world the killing is illegal under both international law and the US Constitution.”     

The Malaysian people re-iterate our strong condemnation  of your administration’s notorious mafia act and demand that your troops leave all Muslim lands immediately.

For your information the Muslims in Malaysia hold you fully responsible for the repercussion and consequences for this murder and we are conducting mass prayers to seek God’s punishment on you and your government for the barbaric act that you have done.

We are also conducting mass prayers so that Osama and his killed family members will be rewarded with Allah’s blessing as martyrdoms

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

Coordinator MPSAST





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