Assistance for Entry into Gaza Via Rafah Crossing

15hb July 2011


The Minister of Foreign Affairs , Egypt


Assistance for Entry into Gaza Via Rafah Crossing

We are very proud to announce to the government of Egypt that MAPIM                (the Malaysian Muslim NGOs Consultative Council )  is pursing a second humanitarian mission to Gaza.

The first mission which was successfully conducted in Ramadhan last year (2010) with an entourage of 44 participants from 20 NGOs , had succeeded in identifying areas of corporation between the MAPIM and the authorities and NGOs in Gaza to engage in socio-economic and rehabilitation projects . We were able to identify the areas of priority for the rehabilitation of Gaza.

In the second mission which we planned to make the trip to Gaza on the 16th-22nd  August 2011 , we will have 32 persons that will participate as humanitarian volunteers . The main purpose of this second mission is to proceed in more detail the implementation of the projects identified in Gaza during the first trip.

We are now in the process of clearing an agreement to construct a Pediatric Hospital , assist in rebuilding a mosque in Beit Hanoun , north of  Gaza , work to complete a Malaysian-Palestine Brotherhood Road and a Rehabilitation Park for Post War Traumatic Children  in Khan Yunis , central Gaza. All these projects are at a discussion level which we need to pursue further in this mission which we are proposing as scheduled aboved.

We would be grateful if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt would facilitate our entry into Gaza via the Rafah crossing which include the following:

1.     Entry visa into Egypt

2.     Travelling security assistance

3.     Immigration clearance for exit and re-entry into Egypt.

In order to hasten our traveling time we plan to fly from Cairo to Arish . Our route  as yet to be finalized. However we expect to leave Kuala Lumpur on the 15th August 2011 and enter Gaza via Rafah on the 17th August 2011.

We do not plan to bring in anything in this trips except for some children’s school itinery ( writing books , magazines , school items ect)

Your assistance would be most helpful to make this mission a success.

We would appreciate your response the soonest possible.


Thank you .


Yours truly,




Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

Secretary General MAPIM



1.     Minister of Foreign Affairs , Malaysia

2.     Ambassador of Malaysia , Egypt

3.     Ambassador of Egypt , Malaysia

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