Press Release MAPIM

26 th June 2012

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Societies (MAPIM) announces its endeavor to enter into Arakan, Myanmar , in its mission to deliver humanitarian aid to victims of Rohingya ethnic cleansing by the extremist Rakhine group . It is launched in view of the grave and brutal way the Myanmar security is dealing with the situation especially towards the Rohingya community.

We have come to a conclusion that the inaction of the international communities to extend humanitarian aid and to halt the massacre of Rohingya community in the Arakan state of Myanmar is most pathetic .

With the supposedly new political era of Myanmar , we see no progress whatsoever in the Rohingya issue. The oppression has  in fact escalated both in terms of human rights violation and       full fledge ethnic cleansing and human genocide.

Until the recent development ,  thousand of homes , mosque , religious school have been burnt to the ground , while the Rohingya community even among children and youth has been the target of abduction , extra judicial killings , torture and rape. Unofficial figures has registered the number of Rohingya killed is most worrying as uncounted bodies were disposed off by the security.

At the rate of killings and detention of Rohingyas that is continuing at the moment , there is an ever possibility of the Rohingya community being wiped out completely from their once sovereign land of their ancestors .

The world has kept silent on the plight of the Rohingyas , ironically classified by the UN as the most oppressed people on earth.

The untold carnage that is currently prevailing in the Arakan state , has been the most suppressive and violent ethnic cleansing ever witness in the world. This is obviously a policy adopted by the Myanmar government which has been continuing for two decades .

The inhuman treatment of the discarded ethnic of Rohingya Muslims remains obscured for far too long . The recent explosion of ethnic clash of which the Rohingya community becomes the defenseless target , has resulted in a shocking turn of events. The security colluded with the extremist Rakhine to massacre the Rohingya throughout Arakan especially in Rohingya Muslim dominated villages and cities like Akyab , Rathiduang , Maungdaw.

Thousands have fled their homes for safety either in nearby jungles or to the Bangladesh border. Unfortunately  Bangladesh has taken a different stand on the predicament of the Rohingya. Hundred of bots which is the only carriage to cross to Bangladesh only to be pushed back by the securities  . Shortage of food , medicine and with no shelter , is presenting to the world a human catastrophe in the making.

MAPIM is calling for the international agencies to pursue a policy of forced compliance by the Myanmar government to allow humanitarian aid to reach the victims. The Myanmar authorities cannot be left on their own policy of non foreign interference if murdering of harmless civilians persist.

MAPIM will insist on the ASEAN secretariate and the UN to embark on a tough action to pressure. Myanmar to halt the killings and to persecute those responsible for the carnage . The Rohingya people has been made to be stateless by law and no solution is viable unless the citizenship and human rights status of the Rohingya are returned.

MAPIM’s endeavor to organize the Humanitarian Ship to Arakan will involve participation of willing NGOs, political and media representatives and relief organizations. We will put every effort to pressure Myanmar to allow entry of the humanitarian mission. We are also planning to project the ship as an ASEAN Humanitarian Vessel which means volunteers from ASEAN participants will be invited .

The ship will sail either from the Thailand shores or from Bangladesh to ferry food and medicinal supplies. We are planning to sail the soonest possible after securing a cargo vessel and the necessary documentation prepared to commence the voyage.

MAPIM will urge the Myanmar government not to obstruct the ship and to allow it to make its way to the Sittwe port. We will seek international protection of the ship should unwanted action by the Myanmar authorities happens. We are willing to give our full cooperation with the Myanmar government to allow us to land and ensure the aid are securely delivered.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Secretary General MAPIM
Tel 019 4744856
Suite 1 , Level 5 , Perak Techno Trade Centre , Meru Raya , Ipoh Perak , Malaysia

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