” This is a Syawwal for Ummah Awakening”


30 Ramadhan 1433 / 18 th August 2012

Allahuakbar , Alllahuakbar , Alllahuakbar , walillahilhamd.

We greet you with the blessing of Allah after completing your Ramadhan with the spirit of IMAN and TAQWQ.

It is indeed heart breaking to depart from the blessed Ramadhan Al Mubarak . Our prayers and all the proceeding rituals to preserve our fasting have indeed in calculate in each and everyone of us the conscience of being a Muslim and the servant of Allah.

We have been given yet another opportunity to be the guest of Ramadhan and therefore the special servant of Allah to realized our being as Khalifatullah fil Ard. This would mean the total submission to the will of Allah in all our deeds .

Ramadhan has been a special moment in our lives considering the special sanctity of the  month that Allah has assigned to it. It is with a correct understanding of what Ramadhan entails on us that we then would absorb the essence of it. From the ritual preservation of Siyam from fajr to sunset are not only to be perceived as rituals , to the intensive reading of the Quran. It is in actual fact a renewal of ones commitment and focus in life . It is a refreshing process of being a functional and conscience Muslim , not only in terms of an individual but more importantly as a society . Therefore it is not sufficient to be elevated as a person but indeed as a member of the Ummah.

Therefore we come to realize how Ramadhan is a month of complete transformation in its total sense. One cannot be comfortable to have completed his/ her tarawih or the reading of the Quran  and yet has no inkling of the state of the Ummah .

It is this very reason that in this Ramadhan , that MAPIM and SHURA take it on itself to launch a double mission , that is a delegation to Gaza and another to Myanmar. The focus being to highlight the situation and predicament of the Palestine and the Rohingya .

We do not have much choice . The gravity of the oppression by the military forces of the Myanmar against the Rohingya is horrific. We acted the fastest we could to awaken the world . Alhamdulillah , we had successfully ignited the attention and action by world organizations  such OIC , ASEAN and the UN.  We have decided to organize a humanitarian flotilla to Arakan to galvanize world pressure on Myanmar.

We had also taken the risk to proceed to Gaza , knowing that the recent Sinai attack had prompted the authorities to request for us to delay our mission. Alhamdulillah , again Allah had granted us the passage into Gaza . Our attachment to Gaza has been strong since 2010 with our initiative to rebuild 3 mosques , a orphan sponsorship scheme and the building a pediatric hospital.

Our quest is only that we could contribute the best that we can . What we have indeed started is nothing more from the obsession to fulfill our convenant with Allah .

We hope all peace loving people of the world will be with us in this stupendous task of defending the rights of the marginalized and the oppressed. We are ready to sacrifice and to embark on the task of confronting the forces of evil wherever and in whatever form they are.

Ramadhan and Eid Mubarak has been a launching moment for the spiritual strengthening of our resolve to carry on these task. We will not back off nor will we give in. Our  determination is strong and our conscience is clear.

May Allah grant us this eve to celebrate Eid in victory not only to cleanse ourselves from the evils of nafs and syaitan but also to unite the Ummah in advancing the cause of Islam as that prescribed in the Quran and the Sunnah.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid.                                            Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Secretary General MAPIM                                          Chairman SHURA

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