19th September. 2012

The Secretariat For the Ulama Assembly of Asia (SHURA) and the Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Societies (MAPIM) and strongly condemns the producer of the film ridiculing the Prophet p.u.h screened in the YouTube.

Refusing to take off the film from You Tube is tantamount to abetting with the producer in continuing the denigration of Islam and the Prophet p.u.h which will be a continued basis for Muslims to retaliate against the unwarranted insult .

It is truly not under the pretext of freedom of expression that this film was produced , but a deliberate attack on Islam and the dignity of the Muslims and a clear open challenge to the Muslims to test their tolerance on matters that are dearest to their heart.

The violent reaction which began in Libya and Egypt and now spreading globally is a counter expression by the Muslims all over the world that there can be no tolerance when it comes to attacking Islam in such a manner.

There is nothing new in the continuous perverted  attack on anything that is related to Islam by the Westerners trapped in the legacy of deep hatred  against Islam.

From the writings of British Indian Salman Rushdie , Taslima Nasrin of Bangladesh , Denmark Jyllands Posten cartoon denigration of the Prophet p.u.h ,  to the Florida Pastor Terry Jones invitation to burn the Quran , burning of the Quran by US army in Afgahanistan and Iraq , and  to the Iranian singer Mohsen Namjoo  rediculing of the surah Ash Shams of the Quran , the repeated insult on Islam will be recycled and will metamorphosized into versions aimed at different targets.

These were and will continue to see more fresh denigration of Islam, is a fact,  that will stay. Due to the lasting hatred against Islam compounded by a deliberate campaign on Islamophobia , will feature the western offensive  agenda to launch an unlimited wave of assault on Islam .

The fact that the propaganda could not match Islam’s unwavering argument on the Oneness of God and the implication that comes with it , has deeply motivated the conspirators , tirelessly plotting the hate campaign non stop, but without success. Neither will the Muslim ummah restraint from reacting vehemently everytime the ugly bitterness of the hate campaign emerges .

The attack has nothing to do with any intelligent debate , or grounded academic contestation or the high regard to freedom of speech and expression . It is purely a deep vengeance of an ideological and intellectual defeat of the West against Islam.

But the intentional strike to the most revered figure of Islam is a deliberate attempt to provoke an expected reaction by Muslims , thereby hopeful of projecting Muslims as being a closed and agressive minded lot.

This , to us is not about testing the limit of tolerance amongst Muslims when Islam is smeared , it is about intimidating people with the hope of reaffirming that Muslims are intolerable to anything that is seen as civilized to the modern international and universal liberal and global way of thinking .

All people of faith know that Islam has been the object of attacks not due to anything else but merely on its firm conviction to the Oneness of God and the total subservient to Allah. They know very well that Muslims are the only people that are thought to uphold their faith with the concept of jihad to defend their religion whenever their faith are under attack.

If there is any claim that Islam promotes violence , it is only due to the conspirator’s indifference to what Islam stands for that is for truth and justice and the Muslim’s conviction to realize these two cardinal concept in both the development of societal realities and nationhoodness , is an inherent part of the Muslim’s responsibility that they must fulfill .

The film on the Prophet with an intention of ridiculing the Prophet p.u.h is another attempt to undermine the struggle of all Muslims to translate the Islamic way of conduct as examplified by the Prophet p.u.h in practice in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and the examples of the Prophet.

This is yet another chain of attacks targeting Islam and any effort to mainstream its teaching. Projecting it as a violent religion is the ultimate aim to isolate it from winning the searching minds and souls . We know for a fact how western powers have maintained a consistent perception of animosity towards Islam just because Islam has become the fastest growing religion in the world. It challenges the whole precept of the western-Christian based civilization that is dominating the world.

Failing in its campaign to affirm Islam as a violent religion and  to  establish a distorted perception amongst the international community , while on another front , the western powers are working round the clock to distort Islam in their media ,  yet , the Muslims have generally resisted and maintained their full commitment to guard its sanctity . The distortion being , unless Muslims are to be viewed with suspicion , the world will not be a safe planet.

And now we are witnessing a strong wave of concern and action against the publisher and the perpetrators of the film , including the host nation , the USA. From city to city , Muslims are taking to the streets , burning the US flag and marching to  any symbols that equates with the US .

We demand that the US takes full responsibility to this issue. The US government must admit that it is it’s foreign policy especially towards the Muslims and Islam that has nurtured the hatred campaign. It is the US that has set the fire all along , making deliberate moves and policies to clamp on Muslims illegal or otherwise . The police institution in Muslim countries who have been their allies would be the first tool to be harnessed to launch a crackdown on any dissenting Muslims.

The denigrating of Islam , be it on symbols or scriptures or institutions should be monitored , stopped with immediate action and monitored continuously. .

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid.                                    Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Secretary General MAPIM.                                  Chairman SHURA

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