The Malaysian Consultation Council of Islamic Societies (MAPIM) calls strongly on the ASEAN Secretariate to initiate a urgent meeting to prevail upon the Myanmar government to resolve the plight of the Myanmar within the framework of the UN international human rights convention .

ASEAN should be the logical convening regional agency to plan for a roadmap to reinstate the citizenry right of the Rohingya.

We regret that ASEAN has not been seeing as playing an effective role to alleviate the plight of the Rohingya. The secretary general office of the ASEAN should shoulder the responsibility of pursuing for a continuous diplomatic and political solution to the Arakan conflict.

Though the conflict is perceived as an etnic clash , religous elements is strongly felt in the tension as the Rohingya Muslims have been persecuted and most the heavily victimized by the Rakhine Buddhist.

Making the situation worst is the Myanmar governmental backing in the attrocities against the Rohingya , further escalated by the Myanmar President Thein Sein announced policy of herding the remaining 800,000 Rohingya in a mass camp to be handled by the UNHCR or deporting them to a third country.

ASEAN cannot play a marginal role since the reality of the conflict is that the tension is having a geo-political impact at the regional level.

We are urging that ASEAN convene a special meeting of ASEAN plus 3 members focussing on the Rohingya predicament. The policy adopted by Myanmar is tantamount to declaring an open ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya.

ASEAN cannot stand idle with this inhuman policy . This is an announcement that is directly contravenes the legal human rights framework.

We abhore the continuos persecution against the Rohingya merely on a disputed argument that the Rohingyas are immigrants from Bangladesh . We reject and object adamantly the policy of discrimination and oppression against the Rohingyas.

We are stating our concern to ensure for the continued regional peaceful and harmonious political engagements within the ASEAN community.

Not active to find a permanent solution to the Rohingya on top of the ongoing tensions in south Thailand and Mindanuao , Phillipines will have a destructive impact on the regional political stability .

We agree that the ultimate solution is to re-install the citizenry of the Rohingya. This solution is actually a natural solution since the practice of awarding citizenship to those people  born in a country will be be accepted as legal citizens is a practice in most nations.

MAPIM regrets that members of the ASEAN  are more interested in the investment opportunities now opened in Myanmar. This would convey a wrong message to Myanmar that while they can continue a suppressive policy against the Rohingya , investments are still coming in.

Unless the ASEAN community is serious in resolving the decades of injustice suffered by the Rohingya ,  all conferences , declaration and  resolutions , will not be of any use.

ASEAN must address and engage directly with the Myanmar government and stop the attrocities once and for all.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Secretary General MAPIM

Dikirim dalam Minda Presiden
  1. With due respected to ASEAN members and JAKARTA the Chariman of ASEAN we are 6 milion Ummat Islam not only 800,000 we are the must minorities group in Arakan satate @ rakhine Burma ( Myanmar) we are must oppraessed since 1942 not only sice 03 march 2012. the Myanmar Admin has very clush to a corss the world Muslim and we are donot supprted to election awas elected that not real election in myanmar on 07 nov 2009. so we are very hopefuly Dear respected ASEAN Chaiman ( JAKARTA) kindly please thinking about the cleansing umat ISLAM Rohingya dan Destroyed alo MASJID And Madrasah and Thousand of Muslim villages had burned in overall Araka state. why The Myanmar Powerful of Duddist togerther Monks borned alot the our MASJID @ Mosque the MASJID did can faith wth rakhine or Goverment….??? that issue is not only on today that is sice 1942- 2012.. we think the Myanmar Govermet are too like to World WAR. why mr.Thien seien agree to WAR why against Muslim religious…? pleas reply dear Mr thien sien ( Presedent Myanmar Or Burma)…

    from UNited Islamic Rohingya Oraganisation (UNIROD)

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