Press Release MAPIM
24th October 2012
The Malaysia Consultative Council Od Islamic NGOs ( MAPIM)  call on all international agencies to immediately take action on the current deteriorating situation in Arakan , Myanmar .

With the recent killings ,and torching of thousand of houses and heinous fresh attacks continuing in all over Arakan , the international agencies have no option but to deploy troops to contain the attacks without delay.

It is very clear that the ethnic cleansing program is in full gear . The Myanmar government is executing the planned extinction of the Rohingya Muslims in Arakan to the fullest when the world was deceived by the promise made by Presiden Thein Sein who spoke of his commitment to resolve the issue in the last UN General Assembly.

Reports of  fresh  heinous attacks with collaboration of local security police forces are continuously directed  to the Muslims minority areas since October 21st.

While the  Nobel Laurete Suu Kyi  seems powerless , we do not see why do the world mechanism body UN and its member countries remain silent over on going ethnic cleansing pogrom through genocidal attacks directly supported by local authority and sponsored by central government.

Now  in towns of  Kyauktaw and Maungdaw towns reported that it has been more than four months 150,000 displaced Rohingya victims are ending up in concentration camps and without shelter across eight different towns of Arakan. The rest about a million people comprising Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine muslims are also facing critical situation and constant threats while they have been also confined from the beginning.

The recent situation  reports taht Minbya and Mrauk U towns are among the worst hit . Rohingya  houses in Yainetay (Zula Fara) village of Mrauk U town and Nagara Pauktaw village of Minbya town, have been set fire. The sources say houses are still burning and military and polices forces do not stop the violent by the Rakhine  and they are just pushing out muslim villagers.

We have received submissions of reports  depicting the escalating non stop attacks . The reports were down to the detail of stating dates , time , locations and names of victims . One of the the reports are as follows:

1)Parein village consisting all more than 500 houses, has been burnt down on 22 Oct;

2)Paiketay Rwa (Fishing village) consisting about 300 houses, 50 out of 300 houses were burnt down on 21 Oct;

3)Tharak Rwa of Pann Mraung village consisting about 190 houses within Rakhine dominated area, has been  burnt down on 22 Oct; and

4) Sudaine Rwa village was also set fire and all houses burnt down on 22 Oct.

For both towns, the sources estimate the death toll about 100 people but at the moment more than a dozen were confirmed found dead including 3 Rakhine people.

In Kyaukpyu town two mosques of Anauk Paikseik (West Fishing village) and Arashi Quarter were attacked .

Now abductions , torture and looting by the Rakhines  are facilitated by the police  authorities and the monks.

Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine muslim houses in Parein village of Mrauk U town and Paiketay Rwa (Fishing village), Tharak Rwa of Pann Mraung village, Sudaine Rwa village of Minbya town, have been heavily attacked.

The situation across Yangon too is uncertained since the monks have distributed leaflets blaming on muslims domination in businesses, construction and leaderships. The sources confirmed hundred of bogus monks get prepared to attack in Mingaladon and Tinngangyuan townships.

Beside the PM Thein Sein enjoys developed nations’ congratulations through exploring billions dollar investment that undermines the ongoing war crimes and genocidal attacks against minorities , he is conveniently continuing his extinction plan.

Despite the UN diplomats Nambia and Quintana shortly visited the crises, UN has continuously condoned the situation and simply referred to the puppet Myanmar Human Rights Commission to conduct the so call Inquiry but until today non concrete measures have been taken to stop the atrocities.

This  current crises urgently demand the OIC and UN must act immediately.  No diplomatic visits has reached to ease the current ongoing crises.

We call that a UN peacekeeping special forces be established in order to protect the Rohingya community.
The recent announced decision by the Muslim leaders in Yangon not to perform the Qurban celebration is a reflection of the grave and dire condition faced by the Muslims in Myanmar.
We therefore call on all Muslims around the world to demonstrate  their solidarity with the Rohingya and to urge the OIC to send a special delegation on the day of Eid Adha and demand that Myanmar government  protect the Rohingya from the on going attacks.
Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

Secretary General MAPIM

Dikirim dalam Minda Presiden

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