Press Release MAPIM

7 th October 2012

Suu Kyi recent pronouncement that she sees no obligation on her part to morally defend the Rohingya’s plight is a disgrace to the award she received as a Nobel Peace winner.

We are dismayed and very upset by her denial of what the Rohingya Muslims has to endure , that is decades of brutal suppression under the junta regime and now , even in the era after the shift to democracy.

It must be stressed that the Rohingya has been reported by the UNHCR as one the most prosecuted ethnic in the world. Suu Kyi cannot be blind by this fact and with the hundred of thousands of Rohingyas displaced by the violence , the statement of non committal to stop the persecution on the vulnerable minority is most disgraceful .

We are aware that now Suu Kyi is no more a human rights defender but just a politician with a vested interest only to secure her position in the parliment with the full backing from the Buddhist leaders . She has failed to represent the most basic principle of human rights issue irrespective of nationality that is protecting the oppressed and voicing out to stop violation of the human rights of the minority which should not be compromised.

Suu Kyi has chosen to ignore her father’ s ,General Aung San ,  role and position in accepting all national minorities as part of the union of Burma that was achieved after independence. Through his father’s struggle to liberate Burma based on the commitment of the Anti Facist Peoples Freedom League , he led the declaration of the Panglong Conference in 1947 to accept all nationals in the union .

How could she be ignorant of the historical fact that she had been incarcerated by the junta on exactly the same reason that her father was assassinated. The rights of the minorities  as part of the rehabilitating process for Burma  should be one of the important basis of her democratic and human rights concern .

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic NGOs ( MAPIM )  call for an international action to address the on going violation against human rights of the Rohingya. With the position that Suu Kyi has taken , it is clear that there is no hope of any justice for the Rohingya from any political entity within Myanmar .

The Rohinyas are  now left to the mercy of the attackers which will mean a full fledge genocide to achieve a complete extermination of the Muslim minority in Myanmar.

We cannot understand why there is no action to at least halt the attacks and place law and order to stop the bloodshed . The UN should have read the consequence of its inaction which will expedite the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya without any hindrance.

Now that Suu Kyi has declared her position , she should be equally held responsible for the attrocities inflicted on the Rohingya. What she has said is short of endorsing the inhuman act of oppression executed by the Rakhines , sponsored by the Myanmar authorities and fully back by the monks.

We demand that the international bodies should not delay in taking concrete actions and work closely with the ASEAN group of countries to install a peace keeping troop in Myanmar with a mandate to protect the innocent Rohingyas  and stop the violence .

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Secretary General MAPIM

Dikirim dalam Minda Presiden

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