Press Release
17 th Novemebr 2012

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Ngos (MAPIM) calls for an emergency international NGO meeting in Cairo on the recent developnment in Gaza . This meeting should focuss on how to respond in a united voice and in a concerted action to prevent the repeat of another human catastrophe as was demonstrated in the 2008-2009 Israel aggression against Gaza.

Civilian casualties has already risen since the aggression by the Israel air strike on a targeted operation to assassinate a Hamas leader. The reported civilian casualties in Gaza is escalating in each air and ground to air assault by Israel.

The Intenational action meeting is of an urgent need to  formulate a swift respond both in the humanitarian emergency situation and to kick start an international political pressure to halt Israel from furthering it’s agressive campaign .

The signaling of a a ground offensive  by Israel is impending , therefore a major human catastrophe is expected if no international intervention is not deployed.

This meeting must result in a full action plan to address the on going assault by Israel against Gaza and to derive at a resolution to free Gaza from the continuing siege which has already prolonged for more than 6 years.

We urge that a delegation of international NGOs proceed to Gaza immediately  to assess the situation and to send a signal of solidarity with the Gaza people .

The recent assault should not be allowed to progress into a full all out war to avoid another wave of civilian massacre by the Israel Defence Force . The world must be mobilized to end the injustice and to liberate Gaza from the siege and the illegal occupation of the Palestinian land by the Jewish settlers backed by the Israel forces.

We urge that all global efforts must be mobilized to stop the war on Gaza which has been the ongoing agenda of the Israel to check the popular Hamas government to stay in power.. The agenda is clear that is , a complete occupation of all Palestinian land and decimate the Palestinian people.

We belief that this meeting can contribute to halting the war from proceeding further and resulting in more bloodshed and destruction.

It is Israel that has proven to be the real terrorist .  Every incident of aggression seems to begin with an assasination operation of a Hamas leader. The world cannot sit and watch while the military campaign of the Zionist Israel against Gaza is carrying on at will.

We belief that the consequent retaliation against Israel from the Gaza is the right  of Hamas and the people of Gaza. It is an obligation on the part of the Gaza government to respond to defend their sovereignty. However the civilians must be protected from becoming the targets of the Israel aggression .

We are calling for the meeting to strengthen  the commitment of the international  NGOs to act and pressure for an ultimate political solution on Gaza.  The Israel’s barbaric and cowardly behavior of attacking civilians  through their military operation gives the NGOs no choice but to extend our solidarity with Gaza.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Secretary General MAPIM

Dikirim dalam Minda Presiden

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