Press Release MAPIM
18th November 2012

We call the UN Security Council to convene immediately on the escalating deadly Israel strikes on Gaza.

The silence of the UN is deafening as the world is witnessing yet again  another human horror of children and civilians killed and injured in the  bombings by the Israel air forces.

We are shocked by the inaction of the UN that on the forth day of the Israeli aggression more than 40 dead and hundreds wounded in Gaza , and still the world agency is sitting by.The deliberate attack on the Gaza Prime Minister building is a show of an obvious determination by the Israel to conduct another execution and decimation exercise on Gaza.

The UN should have known that the potential repeat of the 2008-2009 massacre by Israel is very high. The carpet bombing with more than 200 strikes by Israel on Gaza within the last 4 days should call for an immediate action by the UN.

The UN Secretary General must deploy peace keeping forces in Gaza without delay. A UN special delegation to enter Gaza must be immediately initiated. Israel cannot be allowed to continue the military operation of targeting civilians and Palestinian fighters at the cost of bloodsheds and destructions.

We are demanding that the UN agency not to remain silence and it must speedily launch an operation  to halt the killings and destructive bombings by Israel.

We cannot allow another human catastrophe to happen. Every effort to stop the aggression should be deployed and deployed immediately.

We call for an international concerted action that a full scale war must be avoided. We belief that unimpaired assault by Israel will result in a very high human toll on the civilians. The cost of destruction from the last war has proven to be very high  and this was mainly due to a delayed action on the part of the UN.

Israel cannot be tamed anymore with mere words and demands . Israel has and will still be a state that survives on terrorism. The arrogance and gangster state behavior consistently demonstrated by Islrael confirms that only tough action by world agencies will stop Israel from its barbaric policy.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Secretary Genaral
Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic NGOs
Mobile 0194744856

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  1. Mohammad islam Mohammad berkata:

    we all as a Muslim feel very sad with what happen to Gaza, Palestine. we REALLY HATE what Israel have done to our Muslim.They should get punishment by the World.


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