Joint Media Statement
29 th June 2013

The Secretariat for the Ulama Assembly of Asia (SHURA) and the Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations  (MAPIM)  register its strong condemnation on the massacre executed by the Egyptian military forces on the civilians in the midst of a nationwide protest to demand the reinstatement of the democratically elected President Mohammad Morsi.

The recent atrocities is condemnable and intolerable. This is a clear sign of the death of democracy that was the essence of the aim of the 2011 Revolution that wanted to overturn the 32 years of dictatorship under Hosni Mubarak.


The military has never been a pro people institution . Since the demise of the monarchy ,  the military essentially became the tools of the ruling elite amongst the generals . It became the useful tools of the western powers to squash any uprising amongst the people.

The military conveniently conspired with the opposition front that has also roped in judges , businesses , liberals and secular  , coptic christians and the young rebels termed as tamarroud. The military action was nothing more than a murderous operation out to shoot to kill.

They should bare full responsibility for the massacre that have been recorded as the most deadliest incident in the pro Morsi sit in demonstration since the unceremonious  ouster of the President . Most outrages of all is the conspiracy arrangements was oiled by US money to realize the goal of unseating the democratically elected President of Egypt.

The military so call  move to solicit people’s mandate to deal with “terrorist” is most unacceptable. It is unprecedented for the military to intentionally call  people to go to the streets to show that they support the military. Shortly after which the attack on the demonstrators was executed without delay. The order was to shoot the civilians under the pretext of cleansing the streets from demonstrators.

Now with the standoff , the military has brutally killed more than 100 demonstrators , injuring more than 1000 last Friday in the wee morning  as they were about to prepare for their early morning meal before sunrise to begin their fasting for the day.

This clearly is an indication that the military is preparing for a civil war with its own people . Signs of another Syria is in the making is developing fast and is a likely possibility.

The recent announcement by Fattah Al Sisi , the Military Chief , that he is preparing for a sweeping operation to cleanse the street of Cairo and other cities from the “terrorist” is a resounding call similar to the US Policy to clamp down on any Islamic political assertions.

We see this brutal action by the military as the completion of a counter revolution . Democracy has now  a bleak future for Egypt. The military has came out  to deal with the people’s outrage by repeating the ” firm and decisive ”  warning directed to the pro democracy and pro Morsi demonstrators .

It is obvious that the opposition block , National Salvation Front is involved in the engineering of the coup . With the facilitation from the foreign forces , the task of toppling Morsi has been achieved .

We believe that the reason for the coup is fundamentally ideological. The main goal was to block the Muslim Brotherhood from holding power as a government. The Islamic agenda is seen as posing a challenge to all the non and anti Islamic grand plan.

We deplore the blatant cooperation between the secular liberal and big corporations  to submit to the western agenda thereby selling Egypt to  foreign interest. The hypocrisy of the roadmap announced by Al Sisi is in fact an outright declaration and the reasserting of a military rule resumed to power as what the western forces prefer.

By killing civilians the military has proved the worth of the annual funding it is getting from the US. Not only it is utilized to strengthened the western powers to prevail upon Egypt as a convenient ally , it is also used to implement the anti Islamic agenda of the west . The western forces has asserted their policy to curb a political emergence of any party that will pose a challenge to the western interest.

We call upon the international community not to remain silent. The Egyptian people cannot be left alone in facing the western supported military regime that has reign its killing tools to suppress the people.

We demand that the Military Chief , Al Fattah Al Sisi be charge for mass murder and genocide and be tried in the International Court of Justice.

We call on the Malaysian government to suspend its diplomatic relations with Egypt to register its strong protest against the atrocities committed by the military regime.

We affirm and fully support the demand of the people of Egypt that the deposed President Morsi be released and he be rightfully reinstated as the legitimate President of Egypt

We call for the special meeting of all Islamic organizations globally to discuss on an international action in solidarity with the people of Egypt to demand for the resumption of the democratically rightful civilian government elected by the people.

Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Chairman SHURA

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

Dikirim dalam Minda Presiden

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