Press Release MAPIM and SHURA
13 th August 2013

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations (MAPIM) and Secretariat for the Ulama Assembly of Asia (SHURA)  register its concern on the current developments in Egypt. The imminent security crackdown on the pro Morsi sit in protesters is expected to be bloody and the world should not just be observers as the crisis unfolds.

This sit in must be recorded as the longest sit in protest in the world in terms of duration. The pro Morsi supporters have succeeded in showing their perseverance in demanding the democratic rights to reinstate Morsi as the President of Egypt . It is a show of defiance for more than 5 weeks without signs of budging .


With the on going protest that has defied the military warning , it is clear that the  stalemate is pointing only to one most decisive issue that is the reinstatement of Morsi.

This surely is a legitimate demand , and therefore deserves the full support of the international community . The reinstatement of Morsi cannot be denied is the  main and central issue if the stalemate is to be resolved.

The deadlock could only be untangled when democracy is fully restored and that amounts to Morsi to be reinstated.

The Pro-Morsi protesters are clearly adamant in their demands , ignoring warnings that security forces would disperse them imminently.

We are very concern that the Egyptian security forces are preparing to besiege the supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi. The situation is expected to culminate into violence once armored patrol vehicles begin their full scale assault .

We condemn the decision issued by the security forces that  troops will be deployed to disperse the protesters . This would be a criminal act and as that proven before , more than 200 protesters were killed by security shooting with life ammunitions , this assault will be another round of massacre .

The world now is focussing on the  Egypt  sit-in protest and any violent assault on the protesters will ignite all of Egypt.

All parties must realized that any efforts for reconciliation or plans to resolve the tense political standoff is only through restoration of democratic civil rule , beginning with the recognition and reinstatement of Morsi.

The Morsi loyalists have said that nothing short of the deposed president’s reinstatement would persuade them to disperse, despite several warnings by the interim leaders that the camps would be dismantled after the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

We acknowledge the determination of the “Youth against coup” that they have also announced that after threats of breaking up sit-ins in Rabaa and Nahda , they will brave to move to Occupy Tahrir.

We call for all citizens of the ummah around the world to render their unwavering support to the demands of the protestors. The world cannot wait and see the military crackdown which will result in bloodshed in Egypt .

The negotiators from Europe and the US have had the opportunity to listen to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood . They now know that the protestors are firm in their demands which is a legitimate one.

We therefore make an international appeal to all citizens of the world that every effort to halt  violence and restoration of democracy must be supported.

International intervention is needed if the military forces of Egypt employ a harsh treatment on the protesters.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Chairman SHURA

Dikirim dalam Minda Presiden

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