We, the people participating in the Regional and International Conference on Egypt Massacre , Democracy and People’s Right here in Kuala Lumpur in August, 30th 2013,
1. Determined to advance the goals of justice and peace for all in the interest of all humanity around the world ,
2. In one voice, we loudly condemn the massacre of civilians by the military and the detention and torture of demonstrators expressing their protest against the coup and denial of the democratic rights of the people of Egypt.
3. We reject the labelling of the demonstrators against the coup as terrorist and the excessive crackdown by the military resulted in the killings of innocent civilians even while they were praying and seeking refuge in the Al Fatah mosque.
4. We express our deep anger and disappointment of millions of our people at the US refusal to acknowledge the ouster of Egypt’s first elected President Dr Mohamad Morsi by the Egyptian Armed Forces led by General Abdul Fatah Khalil al-Sisi as a coup and also not stopping all aid to the illegal government in accordance with United States law.
5. We belief that US special relationship with the Egyptian military was to ensure the primary duty of Egypt after the 1978 Camp David Accords that is to protect Israel’s security.

6. We abhor the state own media Egypt which has been instigating and promoting violence against the Muslim Brotherhood and protesters who reject the coup. The violence would not have happened without the consent of the US.
7. We are convinced that the June 30th 2013 demonstration leading to the military coup was a counter-revolution for the Old Guards to take over the reins of power from a democratically elected President and to subvert the democratic process initiated by the January 25 revolution.
8. We acknowledge the voices of the people in Egypt and everywhere in the world who are opposing the July 3 rd coup and saluting them for their courage to stand up against dictatorship regimes under military rule.
9. We recognize that the status of people’s rights in Egypt has advanced, after the January 25th 2011 revolution, but that progress has been hijacked by the military regime backed by the US and some Arab leaders in a conspiracy initiated by former Hosni Mubarak’s supporters to undermine the genuine will of the people.
10. We deplore and condemn with the strongest words that the massacre and oppression against civilians in Egypt by the military operation is exacerbated by the inaction of the international agencies especially the UN and the UN Security Council, which had grave consequences affecting the lives of majority of the Egyptians.
11. We regret that still many Muslim countries, except Turkey have yet to condemn the coup and pressure the “interim government” to surrender the country to a democratically elected government.
12. We also regret, that US directly/indirectly supports the new regime for their interest, namely control oil resources and pressure Israel.
13. We strongly believe this is part of the grand agenda to limit/suppress the Islamic movement by dividing the Muslims population. The rise of Islam, to them is a threat to Western secular powers.
We dedicate ourselves unreservedly
14. To respond effectively to the current oppressive Egyptian military crackdown on the anti coup demonstrators, and condemn the atrocities and the consequence of the military action commanded by General Abdul Fattah Al Sisi , which have left thousands killed and injured ,
3 We reaffirm our commitment to
15. To advance the rights and dignity of the Egyptians for a free and independent civilian rule as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments.
16. The empowerment and advancement of civil rule and democracy and aspirations of the people of Egypt base on the principles guaranteed in Islam and enshrined in UN Charter.
17. Deplore leaders of several of the Arab Nations who have joined Israel in an informal alliance that is backing Egypt’s de facto military government. They slavishly partner alongside Israel’s representatives, seeking to persuade the US and EU not to levy sanctions on Egypt.
18. Commit to focus on the unity of the Ummah to challenge the leadership of nations and institutions who support dictatorships and hereditary rulers backing the military coup.
We are convinced that
19. The free and fair Egypt parliamentarian and presidential election after the 2011 revolution is a legitimate decision by the majority people of Egypt.
20. The nullification of the elected parliamentarians by the Egyptian Judiciary and the ouster and coup by the military is an aggression on the will of the people and a violation of the principles of democracy and denial of the human rights of the people of Egypt ,
21. The consequent illegal detention of Dr Muhammad Morsi as the democratically elected President is the ultimate violation of the rights of the Egyptian people to instate civil rule as was the determination of the 2011 uprising which call for regime change and disposal of the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak.
We are determined to
22. Launch an international campaign to demand that the Egyptian military rule should end and that democracy should be restored and all suppression targeting the anti coup demonstrators must cease.
23. To unite and show our strength of solidarity with the people of Egypt who are standing up against the tyrannical military regime.
We are determined to
24. Ensure that the rights of the people of Egypt to demand for the reinstatement of Dr Mohammad Morsi as the rightful President of Egypt are legitimate.
25. To support all efforts to protest against the oppression executed by the military regime in Egypt that is targeting demonstrators and the Muslim Brotherhood.
We call for
26. The restoration of the legitimacy of the democratically elected President Dr Mohammad Morsi and those responsible for all violent act to be investigated and brought to justice under the law.
27. The halt of all intimidation by the Egyptian security forces and hired thugs targeting individuals or groups under the pretext of waging war against terrorist.
28. The release of those who were detained, tortured and those who were victims of the violent and brutal crackdown should be justly compensated.
29. Once the legitimate President Morsi is reinstated, a plan for reconciliation of all parties should be initiated.
We urge
30. For a concerted effort from all civil societies in the world and in particular the region to galvanize a worldwide protest through demonstration and registering their official rejection of the Egypt coup by the military regime.
31. For the people of Egypt to rise up against the military regime and to topple the dictatorship of the regime and demand to stop the massacre by the security forces.
32. We demand that the UN Secretary General to call for an immediate emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to take action including under the Chapter 7 of the UN Charter to stop the mass killings and to restore democracy. This chapter allows the UN Security Council to take stern action including sanctions and military operation to stop the killings by the military and police of Egypt.

33. We call on the OIC and the Arab League to condemn and suspend the membership of Egypt as that taken by the African Union.
34. We also call on the Malaysian and the Indonesian government to condemn the carnage and mass killings of innocent civilians by the military regime of Egypt and to take initiatives to urge the UN and the OIC to halt the massacre and reinstate democracy in Egypt.
35. We urge all NGOs and civil societies to hold mass demonstrations at the Egyptian embassies to demand to stop the killings and restore democracy
36. We call on all members of parliaments in the region and all associations of parliamentarians around the world to pressure Egypt to stop persecution and oppression on the anti-coup demonstrators.
We have decided
37. To establish an international joint secretariat to address the Egypt coup and to launch a coordinated international campaign to free Egypt from dictatorship rule by the military regime.
38. To initiate a call to all governments to demand the UN Security Council to sanction Egypt.
39. To advocate governments to review their position and relationship with Egypt until the democratic rights and freedom of the people of Egypt be resumed.
40. To prepare an international call to the UN Human Rights Council to establish a Commission of Inquiry for the establishment evidences to be filed in the International Criminal Court .

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