Press Release MAPIM
5 th January 2014

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations ( MAPIM )  call on the  UN ,  OIC , Europe Union and the US and other international groupings of nations not to recognize the current polls  opened today and the consequent result in the Bangladesh’s parliamentary election.

It is obvious that the election is fraudulent , highly manipulated and do not qualify to be accepted by the international electoral standards .

The huge security operation involving 50,000 troops has been mounted to oversee the vote , speaks volume of the volatile situation which do not reflect the peoples consent of such a mired electoral process.

Though the  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is poised to sweep to victory with fewer than half of the 300 parliamentary seats being contested , it is expected that the election result is bound to be discredited .

We expressed our dismay and concern on the way Bangladesh under the Awami League has degraded into a very low level of politics , victimizing its opponent by manipulating the judicial and the whole apparatus of the state, with the intention  to wipe out Jamaat Islami as a force to be reckon with, in Bangladesh..

Not only Bangladesh is facing economic stagnation and further violence in the impoverished South Asian country , it has now portrayed itself as been govern by a farcical government.

Bangladesh  has  failed to resolve the stalemate witnessed in the past few months and it is bound to be confronted with the issue of legitimacy .

The election is highly questionable as the prime minister has decided  to scrap the practice of having a neutral caretaker government to oversee elections.

The report of some polling places set ablaze , adds further to the election turning into a illegitimate process.

More than 100 people have been killed since the opposition launched a campaign against the election last year, while more than 1,000 opposition leaders and activists have been detained in a crackdown denounced by rights groups.

Voting campaign for the electorates to cast their votes by the election commission serves no purpose if the very basis of the election is illegitimate.

With the violent mishandling of the people’s protest in the streets of Dhaka , Bangladesh is heading towards a authoritarian regime governed  by the Awami League

The European Union has refused to send election observers, as have the United States and the Commonwealth.

We call for the Malaysian government to respond to the descending situation in Bangladesh and not allow the current position to deteriorate further.

We also call for the reviewing of the Malaysian diplomatic relationship with Bangladesh if the legitimacy and the flaws of the election is not rectified.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM.

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