Press release MAPIM
5 th January 2014

We condemn with the strongest word the continuing massacre of civilians in Egypt.

The latest atrocities registers at least 17 people have been killed as Muslim Brotherhood supporters clashed with police in Cairo and other Egyptian cities.

We are shocked by the widespread military violence resulting deaths recorded in Cairo on Friday, three in Fayoum, two in Alexandria, and each in Ismaliya and Minya in upper Egypt.

Protesters said the real figure was much higher.

Dozens more were reported injured, while at least 122 people have been arrested, according to medical and security officials.

We condemn the ever-widening state crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood movement and the move to ban religiously based political parties and give more power to the military.

The Egyptian people are clear about their rejection of  any military rule in Egypt. The world cannot remain silent on the bloody crackdown on Morsi’s supporters since August.

The army backed authorities claim to chart for a new constitution as the road map to pave the way for a return to a democratic rule , but this  is clearly rejected by the people.

The recent killings is a clear proof of the untenable  situation the military regime is facing since the ouster of the legitimate President Dr Mohammad Morsi.

We are shocked at the shoot to kill policy employed by the military and police forces in handling the demonstrators.

It is obvious that despite  the clear outrage by the people against the military coup , the persistent protest demonstrated by the people is arrogantly denied by the military rule . We belief the people have every right to demand for a restoration of democracy in Egypt.

We are outraged by the silence of the world at the unending violence by the Egyptian military regime against the will of the people , turning the nation into a bloodbath of civilians lives.

The hypocrisy of the western powers allowing the Egypt to degrade into military  dictatorship speaks volume of its double standard when an Islamic political upsurge in the Egyptian revolution is seen as a threat .

We condemn the labeling of the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group which is clearly seen as a final blow to erase the Brotherhood from the public domain of Egypt.

The obvious conspiracy between the deep state  of Egypt and the western powers to execute an illegal take over of the Presidency , is in actual fact aimed  to nip the bud from any possibility of an Islamic political emergence in the Egyptian turmoil .

We conclude that the murder of demonstrators by the regime is in line with the policy of the western powers agenda to halt any further Islamic uprising to gain power in the political unrest  of Egypt .

The Arab spring which has shown the ability of the Islamic movement to capture the confidence of the people is seen threatening the interest of the western powers.

We call the international community , the UN ,  to pressure the military regime to restore democratic rights to the people of Egypt.

We demand that the Muslim Brotherhood be given its right to participate in the peoples demand for free speech and for political reform in the governance of Egypt.

The labeling of the Brotherhood as terrorist group must be revoked and all political detainees must be released.

We demand that those responsible for the killing of protestors must be brought to justice.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM.
Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations

Dikirim dalam Minda Presiden

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