AMAN 20th.Anniversary Assembly and Conference

AMAN 20th.Anniversary Assembly and Conference

Venue : PSU, Pattani Campus

Date: Nov 30-December,2010

  1. Introduction to AMAN: Asian Muslim Action Network ( AMAN) was formed in 1990.It is a network  of progressive Muslims in Asia. Individual scholars, organizations are members of AMAN from 15 countries. Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer, Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, Dr.Chaiwat Satha-Anand, Dr. Mubarak Ali, Dr. Wiriya , Mr. Mohammad Abdus Sabur are among the founding members.

Goal: To build understanding and solidarity among Muslims and other faith communities and develop programs that lead to people’s empowerment, human rights, Justice and peace.

AMAN Program: Peace studies and Conflict Transformation Courses, Research Fellowship Program for Young Muslim Scholars, Issue Based Interfaith Dialogue, Asian Muslim Women Commission to improve the status of women in the Muslim Society, Islamic Responses to HIV and AIDS, Climate Change, Friendship and Assistance to Asylum Seekers and Migrants (FAAM) and AMANA Magazine.

2. Goal of the Assembly: To enable AMAN members, Council, program team and friends and partners to meet and reflect on twenty years of AMAN engagement and cooperation within and with other faith communities in Asia. To share experiences  in the area of  conflict transformation and building peace, women and youth empowerment and caring for vulnerable communities. Also to look at future challenges and formulate policies, action strategies and programmatic responses based on the evaluation report.


3. Interfaith Conference on “Multi-culturalism and Global Peace”



AMAN is co-organizing a conference on “Multiculturalism and Global Peace”  in cooperation with CSCD and Islamic College, Pattani, Prince of Songkhla University, College of Islamic Studies, Pattani, IRCP, Payap University and Peace Information Center, Thammasat University. We are expecting 200 participants for the conference including AMAN Assembly delegates.

About the Theme: At this point in history, we have been witnessing divisiveness and mistrust in society at all levels. Ever-increasing gaps between poor and rich, rural and urban, periphery and center, majority and minority, extremists and liberals, and south and north pave the way for violence and wars and women and children are the direct victims. Millions of people are affected by economic globalization, poverty, protracted conflict, terrorist acts, the arms race and war.

The nation state is failing its own people through corruption, incompetence and unjust governance and unequal distribution of wealth, indifference towards the plight of trafficked women, children, minorities, migrants, refugees and people living with HIV/AIDS.

The United Nations, particularly the UN Security Council, is failing to uphold global justice.

The impact of climate change is a growing concern. The international community has been engaged but so far has failed to agree to a common action program.

Problems and challenges are enormous in this multicultural and diverse world. Responses, therefore, have to evolve from collective efforts of the people across cultures, politics, ideologies and faiths. Therefore, we have chosen the theme “Multi-culturalism and Global Peace”.

4.Why Pattani as a Venue?

Southern Thailand has been experiencing protracted conflict and violence since 2004, resulting in loss of lives and setback to development. Yet local communities, NGOs, government institutes, scholars and  some international organizations have been engaged in various forms of activities to reduce violence and promote peace and development.

In this historic city of unique cultures, the proposed conference will be an opportunity for both the local and international participants, academics and activists to interact and learn from each other and find ways to promote peace and enhance bi-lateral and multi-lateral cooperation and solidarity.




To organize plenary sessions on major issues and develop perspectives and strategies for peace actions in Asia and beyond.

To enable participants to know more about Southern Thailand, the Malay culture and the efforts of local people for peace in the midst of violence.

To facilitate interactions and sharing of experiences through workshops among participants coming from various faiths and cultures in order to learn about development and peace initiatives, success and failures  in other countries.

To identify major challenges arising out of the plenary and recommendations from the workshops which co-organizers and participating organizations could adopt as a future action agenda for peace.

5.Participants: Selected scholars, religious leaders, representatives of local and national  and international, faith based  organizations, NGOs, women movements,  youth organizations, peace studies and peace research institutes, media groups and regional networks.

Distribution: From Thailand 75, South East Asia 40, East Asia 5, South Asia 40, West Asia and Middle East 5, Central Asia 5, Africa 5, Europe and USA 5


6.1 Plenary Themes

  • Multi –Culturalism and Global Peace
  • Challenges of Fostering Intra-faith and Inter-faith  Understanding and Cooperation for Global Peace
  • Understanding Southern Thailand : Peoples Vision and Agenda for Peace
  • Violence Against Women and Women Living in the Conflict Zone: Women’s  Leadership in Combating Violence and Building Peace
  • Religious Values and Ethics in Responding to the Challenges of  Climate Change
  • Youth Vision for  Peace
  • Sub-regional peace and Development Issues: (a)East Asia-Article 9 of Japanese Peace Constitution,(b)South Asia: Afghanistan- Pakistan-Kashmir (c) Palestine and Iran



6.2Workshops: To analyze and deepen understanding  on issues  and formulate action strategies, a series of workshop will be held.


6.3 Concluding Plenary: Follow-up-strategies and action agenda will be discussed and approved in the concluding plenary.

List of Invited Scholars and Panelist:

1.      Dr. Chandra Muzaffar – Malaysia

2.      Dr. Azyumardi Azra- Indonesia

3.      Dr. Amany Lubis- Indonesia

4.      Drs. Habib Chirzin- Indonesia

5.      Dr. Alyessa Abdul Karim-Philippines

6.      Dr. Carmen Abubakar- Phlippines

7.      Mr. Shnichi Noguchi- Japan

8.      Dr. Yao Jide – China

9.      Dr. Mark Tamthai- Thailand

10.  Dr. Chaiwat Satha- Anand

11.  Dr. Srisompob       -Thailand

12.  Dr. John Butt- USA

13.  Dr. Clarence Dias – USA

14.  Dr. Razia Akter Banu- Bangladesh

15.  Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer- India

16.  Dr. Hameeda Naim – India

17.  Dr. Buddhadeb Chaudhuri-India

18.  Dr. Muniza Rafiq Khan-India

19.  Dr. Yogi Sikand

20.  Dr. Hassan Hosseini- Iran

21.  Mr. Jamal Aziz- Afghanistan

22.  Ms. Zahra-tul Fatima – Pakistan

23.  Mr. Caesar D’Melo- Australia

24.  Dr. Farid Alatas – Singapore

25.  Mr. Erkinbek Kamalov- Kyrgyzstan

4. Expected Outcome:


AMAN members and council gained clearer direction, inspirations in terms of policy, strategy and programs and organizational structure based on evaluation findings and recommendations.


AMAN members and partners gained knowledge from various plenaries and workshops in overcoming emerging challenges.


Foreign Participants learnt about the situation in the Southern Thailand and participants from Southern Thailand gained knowledge about the efforts of overcoming protracted conflict in other countries.


Inter-cultural, interfaith understanding and cooperation are strengthened towards peace.




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