100 Strategic Projects for Gaza

Num Sector Program Project overview Budget Duration Of Implementation
1. Education Building new schools The project aims to contribute in improving the educational environment through building new schools replacing the destroyed ones as a result of the last war on Gaza 31,508,400 18
2. Rebuilding & Repairing Schools – This projects aims at rebuilding the schools that were partially damaged after the Israeli attack on the Gaza strip.

– The project will equip around 151 schools.

3,701,263 3
3. Developing the Palestinian curriculum upgrade the

educational system by developing a Palestinian curriculum

which accounts for the Palestinian needs, philosophy values

and thought

1,197,085 22
4. Providing School Students with Safe Drinking Water – The aim of the project is to supply 265 schools with the most salty water in the Gaza Strip with safe drinking water. 745,660 24
5. Sponsoring High School destitute Students – Sponsoring poor university students (3,000 students for a whole year). 3,300,000 $ 12 Months
6. Equipping The Medical Engineering Department Project – The project aims to graduate engineers who can carry out the maintenance of the medical equipment as this field is very scarce in the Gaza Strip.

– This department might be useful for training the maintenance and engineering staff in hospitals and medical centers.

1,000,000 $ 12 Months
7. support childhood and kindergarten The project aims to develop a hundred ideal kindergarten meets high standard, enjoying a healthy environment, clean and safe.

Also training of 200 teaching staff and 100 administrative specialists to work in kindergartens.

1,459,330 12
8. Developing computer labs in schools The project aims to provide computer labs with their needed equipments , which will enhance the students practical talent in using computers 625,000 12
9. Establishing  vocational education and training centers The projects aims to enhance the vocational education and training environment through building 5 traning centers with high standards to prepare trainees for jobs that are based on manual or practical activities 4,027,183 12
10. Rehabilitation and repair of buildings affected by the war in universities and provide them with equipment and furniture The project aims to rehabilitate of educational facilities and laboratories in universities, which suffered direct damage and indirect damage as a result of the war on Gaza. 16,946,098 24
11. Developing the capacity of teachers The project aims to develop the performance and raise the efficiency of teachers in government schools in the Gaza Strip through providing them with the skills and knowledge that serves the professional development of teachers. 267,600 3
12. Health Supply of medicines for chronic diseases and medical consumables and supplies for hospitals The project aims to provide equipment and advanced medical equipment were not present in the sector before, as well as medical drugs for chronic diseases such as cancer, kidney failure and heart and other in order to reduce transfers to the outside, raise the efficiency of the health sector in the Gaza Strip 5,000,000 12
13. Training of medical staff The project aims to train a number of doctors and technicians in the Gaza Strip, and carry out a number of medical courses and specialized expertise. 2,642,200 12
14. The development of intensive care rooms The project aims to equip intensive care units with all hardware required for each unit according to their needs in the Gaza Strip hospitals to improve health services, diagnostic and treatment services provided to the people of the Gaza Strip, 1,295,910 6
15. Establishing Field hospital The project aims to contribute to improving the health status of the Gaza Strip, and strengthen the presence of health staff in areas prone to invasion, and the provision of medical service during the war period, besides contributing to save the life of the wounded during the war. 2,708,750 6
16. Establishing educational Hospital The project aims to improve health services provided to the community, students and researchers in addition to developing competencies across the medical training of local staff and attract external expertise to manage the hospital 17,227,810 30
17. Establishing Children General Hospital The project aims to create a general hospital for children held in the central region of the provinces of Gaza to provide services to residents of the area, as well as residents of the southern region. 7,997,000 18
18. Artificial Limbs Manufacturer The project aims to rehabilitate people with disabilities and living in the Gaza Strip and reintegration them into society, and to provide high quality service in the industry of artificial limbs and organs of paralysis, in addition to covering the costs of artificial limbs and organs of paralysis to the number of 1,000 disabled people and war casualties in the Gaza Strip. 2,022,804 12
19. Eye Specialist Hospital -Establishing Eye Bank for corneal transplant & an optometry department.

– The aim of this project is to improve the services provided to the Gaza Strip citizens concerning eye diseases.

– The project will also offer job opportunities for technical optics graduates, and  provide orphans and poor families with prescription glasses.

– It will help  improve the health condition of the war victims, especially in the optical surgery and corneal transplant field.

291,610 $ 6 Months
20. Equipping & Running the Yafa Hospital Project – This project aims at providing the Yafa Hospital in Al Wosta governorate with medical devices for nerves surgeries.

– The Yafa Hospital will be equipped with CT Scan devices.

– All departments of the Yafa Hospital will offer services to about 250 citizens 24/7.

– Some of the Project’s deliverables:

* CT Scan device & Lithotripsy device.

*Providing the Gaza Strip hospitals with the required medical devices.


2,556,750 $ 12 Months



21. Supplying Gaza Strip Hospitals with Medical Devices    

7,425,000 $

8 months
22. Rebuilding the Gaza Strip Hospitals – The project aims at rebuilding and maintaining the hospitals in the Gaza Strip while offering a healthy environment for the patients. 3,000,000  
23. Equipping an Operating Room in Kamal Adwan hospital – The hospital will take upon itself to cover all the surgeries of the patients.

– Taking into consideration that Kamal Adwan Hospital is the main central hospital in the north of Gaza.

269,500 $  
24. Establishing an Integrated

Diagnostics Center

– The aim of the project is to establish an integrated diagnostics center holding the most modern medical equipment, since the strip lacks the diagnostics centers which play an important role to carry out successful diagnosis. 4,800,000 $  
25. Ifad Project – Training some of the medical staff in the Gaza Strip.

– Offering some specialized medical and technical courses.

26. Wireless communication system The project aims to provide hospitals and the medical staff beside the ambulances with wireless communication system to reduce the cost of communication through using free waves and be in contact during the war 500,000 6
27. Development Laboratories in Medical Centers The project aims to equip health centers laboratories with modern equipments  where most of the equipment in these laboratories have stopped, some of these devices work in part while suffering some of these devices from expire date 541,200 6
28. Home Treating Center for patients with chronic diseases The project aims to establish modern treatment center to provide home treating for the patients with chronic diseases 215,600 8
29. Thalassemia Center The project aims to provide awareness programs and training courses for patients and their families for the psychological and social support, also to give training programs for staff work in this field 219,000 4
30. Providing supportive medical devices The project aims to provide medical service to a number of chronic patients and those with permanent disability through the provision of medical equipment to needy patients who cannot travel, as well as to train patients and their families to use these devices. 128,400 6
31. The provision of diagnostic devices for medical centers The project aims to provide the centers and hospitals with needed diagnostic devices, in order to improving health services, diagnostic and treatment services provided to the people of the Gaza Strip. 1,519,100 6
32. Eltamuz Medical Center The project aims to enable all medical institutions in the Gaza Strip to meet and to provide medical services, diagnostic and therapeutic quality, as well to achieve the confidence of community local capabilities and skills of medical staff qualitative Palestinian and improve the level of respect in the community for the efforts of local medical and maximize the desire for community in dealing reassuring with local expertise, as well as regulate the quality of and the level of training for local medical staff through more quality and effectiveness of programs to improve the side of the transport level of external expertise in accordance with priorities to improve the local medical sector in the areas of human therapeutic and diagnostic, surgical and preventive measures. 1,759,725 12
33. Development of Haifa Hospital The project aims to equip Haifa Hospital in Gaza City, medical devices and tools necessary to conduct surgical operations and mitigation of the citizens as a result of the difficult living conditions caused by the blockade. 2,556,750 12
34. “to continue” Center for mental health The project aims to mitigate the effects of mental suffering on women, widows and orphans through the provision of comprehensive psychological services in the areas of rehabilitation, training and treatment, education and scientific research in the development vision, as well as respond to the emerging needs of the community in different areas. 844,100 12
35. Establishing and equipping the Palestinian Center for ambulance and emergency The project aims to contribute to the improvement and development of quality of health services and medical emergency in the border areas also to provide the service, in speed and efficiency way that keeps the lives of citizens and reduce the deaths and permanent injuries that result from delays in the arrival of the patient and ignorance in how to provide first aid and so on throughout the 24 hours a day. 172,000 3
36. Conducting industrial fertilization


The project aims to contribute to the building and the empowerment of Palestinian families deprived of reproduction. 160,000 3
37. Housing and Infrastructure Water desalination plant The project aims to establish 5 Water desalination plant to enhance the quality of water in Gaza Strip 2,500,000 18
38. Repairing pumps and sanitary facilities The project aims to rehabilitate sewage networks and rainfall in some areas of Gaza strip, including the maintenance of all pumps, rainwater and sewage pumps. 2,500,000 12
39. Water testing Center The project aims to establish a laboratory for testing water and sewage systems of pollutants. 800,000$ 12
40. damaged power grid Reparation The project aims to complete the process of repair of the damage to the power grid after the last war by providing them with their needs of cables and wires and steel columns, and others 5,000,000$ 12
41. Rehabilitation of electricity networks in the Gaza Strip The project aims to complete the project of linking the electricity network in Gaza with the Egyptian electricity network and build new electric transmission lines 15,000,000$ 24
42. Repairing of  bridges and main roads between the provinces


The project aims to restore and repair the damage in the network of main roads linking the provinces, which contribute to improving the geographical correlation and facilitate the movement of people between provinces. 6,000,000$ 24
43. Construct a new residential section


The project aims to contribute to the urgent need for housing units in Gaza Strip, and it contributes significantly to the activation of the Palestinian economy through the operation of the construction sector, also it will provide jobs for many professionals and labor in the field of construction and reconstruction, in addition to secure ,social & healthy residential environment for Palestinian families. It also will activate the industries of construction . 6,250,000 24
44. Construction of housing units instead of the completely destroyed houses


The project aims to provide housing for those affected by war in the Gaza Strip, where the project will provide 1000 housing units to accommodate approximately 7000 and affected  persons by war and would exceed the project, It will exceed the imposed siege  on Gaza strip through the use of simple materials which are available in the markets of Gaza , also it will provide 200,000 job opportunity for unemployed workers. it is going to take 8 months to build  1000 housing units by Core Unit system for the targeted group. 36.800.000$ 8
45. Repairing of damaged houses due the last  war


The project aims to restore the 8000 residential units contributing to accommodate approximately 64,000 displaced and affected person by the war that erupted in December 2008

It will exceed the imposed siege  on Gaza strip through the use of simple materials which are available in the markets of Gaza , also it will provide thousands of jobs for unemployed workers. The estimated cost  for the restoration of each residential unit is 7000 $ just and it takes 5 months renovate 500 housing units for the target groups.


61,997,320 24
46. Building a reservoir of drinking water. The project aims to build an underground tank to collect rain water to use it for drinking and uses by  citizens in Gaza Strip .    
47. Repair of roads within the influence of municipal


The project aims to rehabilitate the roads within the influence of the municipalities within the overall plan for Gaza Strip reconstruction, where public facilities were destroyed . 10,000,000  
48. Solid trash recycling center Solid recycling is one of the toughest environmental challenges in Gaza Strip, the project aims to recycle Solid trash at a beneficial manner. 3,466,802


49.   Improve the living conditions of farmers


The project aims to improve the living conditions of farmers in addition to providing many opportunities to work, alongside the reclamation of 1050 acres of agricultural land , in addition to provide ponds for agricultural irrigation by the modern system to ensure production’s quality.

The project will provide temporary employment for more than 200 workers.

1,746,640$ 6
50. Reconstruction of agricultural wells


Project aims to drill & processes 10 wells for agricultural lands. $ 630.000  
51. Drilling and equipping wells for drinking water Drill 10 wells for healthy drinking water. $ 1.050.000  
52. Land Reclamation – This project includes:

* Rebuilding the greenhouses.

* Importing seedlings.

* Equipments.

*Drilling agriculture wells.

* Buying the agriculture products and distribute it among the poor families.


10,000,000 $  
53. Develop the livestock sector The project aims to establish new farms for cattle and sheep to increase its production. 2,500,000 $  
54. Poultry farms


The establishment of poultry farms to increase the production of poultry. 500,000 $  
55. Supporting the Fishermen – The project aims at providing the fishermen with their requirements of fishing nets and equipments.

– It will also offer job opportunities to the unemployed fishermen.

– Some of the project’s:

1. The fishermen will receive 1435 fishing nets.

2. Providing the fishermen with 120 Motors with 40 horse power, compensating for the stolen motors by the Israelis Forces.

3. Providing the fishermen with 230 searching devices to locate fish groups.

4. About 1000 fishermen will start fishing again.

1,313,455 6
56. Build Fish’s farms Build new Fish’s farms to increase fish’s production & create job’s opportunities> 1,000,000  
57. Beef butchery      
58. Poultry butchery The project aims to meet the needs of the market in the northern Gaza Strip, and healthy chickens to the people in the North of Gaza strip. The idea of the projects came from the fact that there is no standardized slaughterhouse in that area. 581,600  
59. Economic Offering Job Opportunities Project – The main target of the project is to create job offers to unemployed citizens in the Gaza Strip.

– The project consists in placing workers and temporarily covering their salaries within companies who require manpower but cannot afford their salaries.

– This project will help develop the Palestinian economical conditions.

– About 1000 job opportunities are expected to be created for the Gaza Strip citizens (The work cycle is 3 months).

12,755,340 36
60. Graduates employment The projects aim to strengthen the role of productive graduates in the Palestinian society and re-integration into the surrounding community, in addition to providing a number of job opportunities for graduates to cover some needy students (10 projects will be implemented in different forms with the same overall objective , & each project costs 200.000 U.S. dollars).

examples of the projects : –

1. communication and control Company which can employ 25 graduates & can sponsor 125 students.

2. Documentaries  production Company .

3.Animation production Company .

4.Electronics trade Company .

5. Circuit Board factory .


7. Media production Company .

8. computer’s maintenance Company.

2,000,000 $ 12/project
61. Supporting Small Enterprises Project


– This projects aims to offer a sustainable income to the poor families in the Gaza Strip by running small enterprises.

– It will help boost the Palestinian economy by investing in local resources.

– Some of these projects are:

* Poultry, cattle and bee breeding.

* Sewing and embroidery.

* Establishing supermarkets, fragrance stores, mobile shops and internet cafes.

* Taxis.

* Maintenance workshops.

* Milk and fodder production.

$15,000,000 5 years
62. Circuit Board factory The project aims to establish a manufacture of Printed Circuit Board  to provide the electronic boards for the university students as well as electronic boards used in kid’s games.

It will be a charitable project helps in creating sustainable employment opportunities for many graduates.

242,500 12
63. food substances factory The project aims to establish a factory for canning and preserving food to save for a longer in addition to create some jobs. 1,000,000 10
64. Dairy factory The project aims to establish a factory for milk and cheese production , by the exploitation of animal production. IT also aims to provide jobs for the unemployed. 1,000,000 12
65. NGOs The preparation of a unified financial and administrative system The project aims to develop an unified financial and administrative system that serves all  civil associations , government and private sector at flexible manner that can serve different projects very well. 400,000 12
66. community needs assessment skills The project aims to train a number of institutions employees to be able to measure and evaluate the needs of the community at multiple and changeable lifestyles, which helps to create a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of society to facilitate the provision of its needs accurately. 200,000 16
67. Data Base of the civil institutions The project aims to establish a bank of information of the working institutions  in Gaza strip in order to raise the level of coordination and performance effectiveness

It is a computerized system which is accessible from anywhere in the world and at any time.

It provides information about activities ,requirements, and the beneficiaries .

160.490 $  
68. charity work Leaders The project aims to train two groups (40 participants) of employees in NGOs  who have the commitment and concern for the revival and development of their institutions through the use of modern management techniques, self-assessment, and know their community needs, in order to improve NGO’s performance in Gaza strip. 112,880 12
69. Youth Business incubator The project aims to strengthen the role of business incubators in economical development through small and medium businesses, which allows the Palestinian youth to increase the success rates of projects enrolled, and overcome the problems that lead to failure ,through an integrated system  provides equipped place with the necessary means  to start a project, and a network in the business community managed by specialists 1000,000 12
70. Tomorrow’s Leaders The project aims to prepare a generation of leaders which can understand its reality and have high  knowledge, skills and needed attitudes for better future 400,000 12
71. Link graduates to local market The project aims to prepare graduates for labor market by gaining the skills and requirements needed by the labor market, and then complete the training in coordination with different institutions to train them for a renewable period ranging from month to 3 months . 1,000,000  
72. handicaps adaptation of public utilities for handicap’s seek The project aims to equip special corridors for entry and exit of disabled people in their homes, rehabilitation centers and their educational institutions.

In addition to adapt their home utilities to fit their needs in order to ease their life & achieve their independence.

1,155,000 12
73. Integration program for people with special needs The integration of people with special needs in the community is one of the advanced steps that have became important goal for different rehabilitation programs.

the project provides an opportunity to reintegrate the disabled & achieve their independence.

1,500,000 24
74. Handicaps school The project aims to provide an appropriate learning environment for students with special needs in the Gaza Strip in addition to providing needed tools that will help improve their educational level. 1,000,000 12
75. Handicraft center The project aims to train and employ a number of people with special needs through workshops (carpentry, electrical maintenance tools, electronics, computer maintenance … etc.) 800,000 12
76. Psycho-social support  for the Physically Disabled the project aims to improve the quality of life for the physically disabled, & decrease their stress by hold different training and rehabilitation programs to integrate them  with community. 394,790 12
77. Women Sector Rehabilitation of the Productive Widows in a bakery The project aims to support not less than forty widows & their families by enhancing their production through the establishment of pies factory to provide them with fixed-income 224,818 12
78. Sowing Factory These projects aim at rehabilitating the widows in order to transform them from a consumer group into a producing group.


200,000 12
79. Sowing & Embroidery workshop These projects aim at rehabilitating the widows in order to transform them from a consumer group into a producing group.


200,000 12
80. Improve Health habits among families campaign The project aims to educate the citizens in the governorates of the Gaza Strip, how to protect the health of children and olds in matters of daily life and in case of emergency. 100,000 12
81. Procreation awareness campaign The project aims to educate families  in the governorates of the Gaza Strip in the area of procreation and increase the awareness of protecting the health of mother and fetus in the early stages of pregnancy and childbearing. 150,000 12
82. Religious Endowments Reconstruction and building of mosques The project aims to  reconstruct  15 damaged mosques . 5,292,500 6
83. Provide Religious schools with scientific laboratories the project aims to Connect students with the technology and science through the modernization of computer labs,& science laboratories within the schools , which requires improvement of different labs, which means improve the academic level of students who are reflected by the project. 189138  
84. The Holy Quran Memorization Projects The establishment of several summer in order to enable 13000 students to memorize the holy Quraan through 60 days. 2411930  
85. charitable hospital The project aims to sett up a charity hospital  in Al-Rmal section which is the most important areas of Gaza City  in order to improve the health sector services & provide a source of income for the Ministry of Religious Endowments to take care of mosques and Religious centers and helping the poor through Zakat committees. 8,746,800 12
86. cultural center The project aims to create a large cultural center enough for multiple  activities at the same time and place.  It will contain an exhibition and open platform for national occasions and workshops halls for seminars and training courses, and finally a public multiple library. 3,150,000$ 36
87. others Basmt Amal center for orphans The project aims to contribute the effects of psychological suffering of  orphans and their families and prepare them for more successful life  by providing comprehensive care for orphans through the establishment of   ( Basmt Amal center) to provide comprehensive care (health ,education , recreational and spiritual )within a clear vision, as well as responding to other community’s needs related to children and women 516,923 12
88. A contingency plan for argent relief during the war The project aims to improve living conditions and save the lives of citizens during the war, as well as  responde to the needs of citizens through the provision of direct aid and emergency relief in all areas . 15,524,905 6
89. Talented students program The project aims to develop personal and creative capabilities of students  at the age of fourteen years o, and provide a supportive environment for them to contribute  the leadership and development of Palestinian society 1,200,000 36
90. Sport club The project aims to provide a sutiable environment for youth by encouraging  sports for males & females in order to improve the social status of them, where the project includes the establishment of five sports clubs in the five governorates of the Gaza Strip. 2,500,000 24
91. Childhood city The project aims to provide a place for  educational entertainment to the children in Gaza Strip especially those who are injured ,disabled and in order to upgrade the intellectuality and creativity of children through the provision of an appropriate environment for them. 51,508,661 24



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