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Press Release

4th November 2010



SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA  (NOV 4, 2010): More than 13 Asian nations are coming together to organise caravan expedition by land and by sea carrying food and supplies for the people of Gaza.

The caravan, will cross 8 countries by land and by sea and which will be manned by 500 people, will leave New Delhi on December 2, 2010, and is likely to hit the shores of Gaza on December 27, the second anniversary of the Israeli attack on Gaza.  It will be a trail of buses, ambulance and trucks that will brave through a journey estimated to take a total of  27 days before reaching Gaza.

The Asia to Gaza Solidarity Caravan is being organised by the Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine (APSP), an alliance of peoples’ organisations, social movements, trade unions, and civil society institutions of Asia.


The regional meeting of APSP for East and South-East Asian nations was held in Shah Alam, Selangor, on 3-4 November 2010, attended by over 50 delegates from eight countries.

The South East Asia and East Asia  regional meeting was convened by the Citizens International and the Malaysia Muslim NGO Consultation Council which are constituents of the APSP  to plan the necessary logistical needs of participating delegates in the caravan. More importantly the meeting was  to emphasize on the main mission of the caravan that is ending the siege on Gaza by Israel. Malaysia ,Indonesia , Japan  have confirmed participating.

“This struggle is broad-based, varied and multi-dimensional. It is humanitarian and for peace, freedom and human dignity. It is against occupation, imperialism, apartheid, Zionism and all forms of discrimination including religious discrimination” said Mohideen Abdul Kader, a member of the Asian Coordination Committee  for the Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine (APSP)

“This expedition under the APSP , is to challenge the Israeli occupation of Palestine and their increasing penetration into Asia, and at the same time to bring aid to the people of Gaza,” he said.

The caravan will have a large flag off programme in New Delhi on 2nd December 2010. The caravan will carry relief material for the people of Gaza.


The caravan will cross into Pakistan via the Wagah border where members of the Pakistan Solidarity for Palestine will join the Caravan onwards to Iran. In every country and city that the caravan travels through, public meetings will be organised as more activists and participants join the caravan.


The caravan departing from India is scheduled to pass through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria , Jordan and Egypt.

The delegation will be travelling through the designated route, with public events planned along the way scheduled by local NGOs .Meetings with state leaders and local public figures , cultural and social events are aimed to garner  public attention and support from communities  in each of the countries destined as stopovers.

“This is the first coordinated Asian initiative organised by the People’s Organizations, NGOs and social activists in support of the Palestinian cause and is expected to deepen the process of synergizing all Asian efforts from various groups and sectors to impact on the struggles of the Palestinians. The South East and East Asia Regional meeting held here in Shah Alam constitutes the build up process of the caravan “ added Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid , the regional convener of the APSP.

Endorsed by,

Malaysia-   Mohideen Abdul Kader-Director Citizen Internasional

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid-Secretary General Malaysian Muslim NGO Consultation Council

Indonesia-  Mardani Ali Serah-Sec. Of The Consultative Board Prosperous Justice Party

Rachmawati Rachman-Public Relation Voice of Palestine

Japan-        Ekin Sakaguchi-Founder Japan to Gaza Committee

Singapore- Muhammad Shamin bin Mohd Sidek-Member Singapore Democratic

Thailand-   Amin Menjamin-Board Member of SHURA

Cambodia- Him Sukot

Turkey-      Huseyin Oruc-Deputy President I.H.H

Iran-           Salim Ghafouri-Member of administrative board Unified          Ummah

Rohullah Rezvi-Internasional Union of Unified Ummah

India-          Feroze Mithiborwala– India Paletine People National Co-Convenor






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